Ayah A Day Calendar and Colouring Book

The Ayah-A-Day Calendar uses symbols directly mentioned in the Qur’an to show children how the Qur’an talks about things that they would understand and recognize.

The calendar activity is provided in two formats. One as a countdown calendar that can be used as a decoration in your house, and as a colouring book. ( Files can be downloaded below or in the download section)

Each page of the advent calendar contains either four pictures or four ayahs. The pictures for each day are meant as a colouring activity. You may decide to do them all at once or complete them day by day. Ayahs and pictures are marked with their corresponding date. The picture cards are then cut out and that’s where the fun begins! Put it together which ever way you like, some suggestions are included as follows:

Cards can be mounted on one large sheet of wrapping paper.
Cards can be strung on a ribbon and hung from a stick and mounted to the wall.
Cards can be strung out to create a banner.

You may wish to attach the ayahs to the backs of each picture card, or keep the pages for the daily discussion time to make notes on. (Note: the cards are arranged for double sided printing)

TIP: For those who may already have their own Ramadan Pocket Calendars these cards may be used as inserts

Please let us know how you put it together and we will feature your designs on our instagram (@theramadancalendar) to inspire others too!